Alexander Technique Sara Padilla - Alexander Technique Lessons
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Sara Padilla - Alexander Technique Lessons
Lessons in the Alexander Technique
  with Sara Padilla

  AmSAT Certified Alexander Teacher
  Near Seattle University/Capitol Hill

Ease in body... clarity in thought... freedom in movement - Alexander Technique

Clarity in thought, freedom in movement and a general sense of ease – these qualities, as seen in most children at play are our birthright. Unfortunately many of us, who may be generally in good health, complain of back pain, poor posture, inflexibility in both mind and body, fatigue or general tension. These conditions are very often the result of our perceptions and reactions to the demands of daily life.

When pain or discomfort occurs, the sensation is usually localized. However, the trouble has often been caused by a system of unnecessary habits that we don't notice until they produce discomfort.

The Alexander Technique is a process for learning to identify and release habitual patterns that interfere with the natural balance, ease and poise that is inherent in our design.

Photo: Roman Lemeshov